Vision Correction Surgery in Downtown Toronto

360 Eyecare - Metro is a modern facility with innovative optometrists who offer consultation and co-management for exceptional vision correction surgeries in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Common surgical procedures co-managed at our optometry office include LASIK, PRK,clear lens exchange and cataract removal. You can trust that our optometrists and subspecialty surgeons are dedicated to providing you and your family with the best possible eye care solutions. Our teams work together seamlessly, from evaluation to rehabilitation, to ensure that you are ecstatic with the results of your vision correction procedure.

Vision Correction Surgery | See Differently with Lasik, PRK or Cataract Surgery in Toronto, OntarioDuring regular eye exams, our 360 Eyecare - Metro and our surgical co-partners in downtown Toronto help patients who may be seeking clearer vision with laser eye surgery, as well as those suffering with eye disorders that compromise their eyesight. Whatever solution you require, our optometrists will guide you through the entire cycle of care.optometrists are able to access your optical and lifestyle needs so as to prescribe the surgical solution that will enable you to attain the highest quality of vision. Many eye diseases and disorders are correctable when detected in a timely manner. At 360 Eyecare - Metro, our optometrists love to see our patients year after year, as regular visits enable them to better recognize any negative changes or irregularities in a patient’s vision. The better that we know you and your eyes, the better our optometry office is able to help you see differently to the best of your potential.

At our optometry clinic, we provide full assessment for Laser vision correction candidacy and work very closely with our subspecialty surgeons to provide complete pre- and post-operative care. Lasik is a very popular vision correction surgery that enables patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism to see clearly without having to wear corrective lenses. Laser eye surgery is an extremely safe and simple procedure that does not require patients to take much time away from their daily activities. PRK is a form of laser vision correction for patients with thinner-than-average corneas. This procedure works almost identically to Lasik and the results are equally impressive. Upon completion of either surgery, our optical teams will provide comprehensive postoperative care that will ensure on track recovery.

Vision Correction Surgeries | Improve your Vision with Metro Eye Care

Our eye doctors and refractive surgeons are also very experienced at remedying eye disorders that cannot be fixed with Lasik. Cataracts are the most common cause of blindness. Cataracts occur when the normally clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy, causing a steep decline in visual acuity. Luckily, we are able to treat this common disorder with a vision correction procedure that enables patients to achieve their potential for best corrected acuity. Cataract surgery is typically an outpatient surgery, requiring only a local anaesthesia for the patient’s comfort. Despite the relative simplicity of the procedure, our optometrists will always follow up with each patient to ensure that they are comfortable, happy, and on the road to recovery and enhanced clarity.

Another vision correction surgery that our optometrists are co-managing at 360 Eyecare - Metro is clear lens exchange. Clear lens exchanges are ideal for patients who may not be candidates for Lasik, but do not yet require cataract surgery. A clear lens exchange helps to mitigate presbyopes, the inability to focus on near objects. Clear lens exchange goes over and above the capabilities of Lasik to help our patients achieve the clearest possible vision at a distance or close up, correcting for presbyopia. This procedure, similar to Lasik, is relatively short, and requires an equally brief healing period. Once patients have recovered from clear lens exchange surgery, they see with an enhanced visual acuity that has proven to be outstandingly long lasting.

See differently with the vision correction surgeries offered at 360 Eyecare - Metro in downtown Toronto. Expect extremely compassionate and professional service from optical specialists who are determined to enhance your lifestyle. Don’t settle for clouded, unclear, or unexceptional vision. Contact our optometry office today and let us guide you towards convenient, safe, and proven refractive surgical solutions that make clear vision a reality.