Glasses or Contact Lenses

Glasses or Contact Lenses

glasses or contact lensesSome people are contact lovers, some people are glasses fans. And some love both. The contacts vs glasses debate has a lot to do with personal style, usage, and comfort. Luckily, with the array of contacts and eyeglass lenses now available through our optical shop and a little knowledge of the pros and cons, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for comfort or convenience. You can choose what works for you when it works for you.

Eyeglasses Make a Statement

Most people begin their vision correction journey with glasses. Eyeglasses allow wearers to define their personal style and make a statement. Maybe you want to assert yourself like Clark Kent, or show the world your eccentric or artistic side like Andy Warhol. Eyeglasses will convey your message whatever your tastes. In addition, glasses are generally cheaper than contacts over the long run, and they offer some protection from dust, wind, and light. Glasses are easy to pop on and off for tasks and naps. In addition, if you have sensitive or dry eyes, glasses are also gentler on your peepers.

Convenience for Active Lifestyles

Contact lenses are great for people with active lifestyles who don’t like the feel of an appliance on their face when they play sports, hike, or run. Because they fit to the curvature of your eye, contacts give a wider field of vision than eyeglasses and won’t distort or reflect your view. As an added bonus, contacts don’t steam up when it is muggy out or fog up in freezing weather. There are also contacts available now that fit specific prescription issues such as astigmatism, as well as multiple prescriptions, far sightedness, and near sightedness.

The optometrists at 360 Eyecare - Metro would be happy to advise you on the proper fit for your eyeglass prescription, or the right contact lenses for you. We are conveniently located in downtown Toronto and are accepting new patients.

Glasses & Sunglasses Define Your Style

If you’re looking to change up your style, glasses have a huge impact on your overall look, and the outcomes depend on a few key elements. Below, you can find how to use glasses to bring out the new you.

Size matters

Glasses have different frames, and their size and thickness can completely change your style. What you should consider here is whether you want to get a completely new style or make glasses a statement piece. If you want a subtler look, search for glasses with thin frames or even rimless models. These glasses will frame your face nicely, but blend better in the overall style rather than standing out. Large plastic frames are trendy right now, but you should keep in mind that your glasses will compete with the rest of your look. If you want your glasses to draw more attention to them, go for round models with over-sized frames.

Think about the details

Glasses that have many little details will greatly impact the overall style and your aesthetic. Traditional simple frames are as good as always, but if you want to express a glam factor or a sporty style, consider details like marbling, stripes, sparkles, or gradation. Each detail is important in how extravagant or traditional you want to look. Make sure you keep in mind the dress code of your workplace. A cool pair of glasses can add more to your business attire, and a sparkling pair of glasses will be perfect for after-hours if you want to get wild with your look.

Think of iconic styles

Glasses have been around for centuries, and some styles are associated with certain eras. Playing with different time periods can add much to your style, from a free-spirited to distinguished look, depending on which glasses you choose.

Glasses with basic black or tortoiseshell will create a more polished look. Cat’s eye or brow line glasses were popular in ‘50s and ‘60s. and retain their retro vibe even now. Rimless glasses also have been popular for many years because the lack of frame creates  a modern look.

For anyone who wants something more unexpected, ultra-round glasses made a comeback this year, creating a “Lennon” look. Round metal frames add an artistic and intellectual fair, and people will definitely notice the glasses. But the overall style is minimal, so round glasses can work with many styles. From flower chic to elbow patches and professional tweed, these glasses are really easy to wear and mix with other styles.

Now you have the idea of how a pair of glasses (or sunglasses) can define your personal style and create a new look. Remember to take different aspects into consideration, and how you want your glasses to fit in or stand out. Whether you need an accent piece or something to blend in, there is a pair out there waiting for you to define a new style.