Lens Options


Some people think that choosing glasses may seem to be just a matter of finding a style that you like, but anyone who walks into an optical store will soon discover that there are many lens choices available. The types of lenses a person can choose from is somewhat dictated by their prescription. However, even someone with the most difficult requirements may have many options. Two of the key things for a shopper to consider are lens design and material.

Lens MaterialAdvantagesDisadvantages
Plastic (CR-39)Affordable, good optical clarity, easy to tintThick and heavy in high prescriptions
PolycarbonateThinnest material available, lightweight, best impact resistance, can be used in special frame designs, blocks UV lightScratches easily, cannot be tinted dark.
Hi-Index PlasticThinnest material available, lightweight, easy to tintExpensive
TrivexImpact resistant, thin, lightweight, excellent opticsExpensive, limited availability
GlassExcellent optics, the most scratch resistant lens, blocks UV lightHeavy, thick, dangerous if broken, cannot be used in certain frame styles

Once the style and material of lens has been chosen, several lens options may be added. These options have both visual and aesthetic benefits:

  • Photochromatic Lenses (Transitions): Lenses that changes colour when exposed to sunlight, often eliminating the need for a separate pair of sunglasses. 
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: Reduces glare, improving visual clarity and making the wearer's eyes easier to see. An excellent coating for nearly all types of lenses, especially for high prescriptions, as it makes lenses look less obvious
  • Scratch Resistance Coating: Extends the life of lenses by providing a tough layer of protection. 
  • UV Coating: Important for individuals who spend a significant amount of time outside. Not necessary for polycarbonate or glass lenses, as these materials already block UV light. 
  • Tint: Added colour for use as sunglasses.
  • Polarized Lenses: A coloured form of lens that reduces glare of off flat surfaces (Like wet roads)


There are so many different lens options that with the proper information and eye care professional you will be able to find the perfect lenses to fit your prescription and style. Contact our optometry office in downtown Toronto and see differently with innovative lens options.