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Metro Eye Care is a full-service, family-friendly optometry office in downtown Toronto. Dr. Bastiampillai and Dr. Baraam (also practicing out of 360 Eyecare) are expertly trained to evaluate and treat eye conditions. They are passionate about using innovative eye care technology to improve eyesight clarity and enhance vision.

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Our optometrists in downtown Toronto are equipped for comprehensive eye exams and to facilitate vision therapy -- if needed. Our optometrists are also well trained in pediatrics. They expertly care for the vision needs of families from eye tests to treating compromised vision and eye emergencies.

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Purchase a competitively priced pair of brand name glasses at Metro Eye Care in downtown Toronto. Our optometrists will help you to discover the right prescription for your vision needs. Our eye care team will support you as your pick the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses from our diverse selection of fashionable frames.


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Learn about your eyesight and how to protect your vision with articles from Metro Eye Care's blog. Our optometrists leverage their extensive training and experience to write articles that help patients to understand how to enhance their vision with proper eye care and eyewear in Toronto, Ontario.


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If you’re looking to change up your style, glasses have a huge impact on your overall look, and the outcomes depend on a few key elements. Below, you can find how to use glasses to bring out the new you.

Size matters

Glasses have different frames, and their size and thickness can completely change your style. What you should consider here is whether you want to get a completely new style or make glasses a statement piece. If you want a subtler look, search for glasses with thin frames or even rimless models. These glasses will frame your face nicely, but blend better in the overall style rather than standing out. Large plastic frames are trendy right now, but you should keep in mind that your glasses will compete with the rest of your look. If you want your glasses to draw more attention to them, go for round models … Read more